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Intraday calls service – Performance report for 2018

Started Nifty intraday paid service on July 9th 2018

My belief lies in Price action based/mechanical trading and we risk around 2% per trade. All trades are intraday and we trade only Nifty futures. I always believed consistency is the key in making it in markets and being consistent in any activity (let alone trading) is not a one-day/week/month affair. It would serve us well if we view it as a continuous journey. We need to do structured set of things every day to bring that consistency in us.

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July 9th 2018 to August 8th 2018 –-> Points made = 111 and percentage returns = 11.1%


August 9th 2018 to August 31st 2018 –-> Points made = -54 and percentage returns = -5.4%


September 01st 2018 to September 30th 2018 –-> Points made = 99 and percentage returns = 9.9%

** Highly volatile month and was standing in sidelines due to bigger stoploss (most of the days)**


October 01st 2018 to October 31st 2018 –-> Points made = 200 and percentage returns = 20%


November 01st 2018 to November 30th 2018 –-> Points made = -197 and percentage returns = -19.7%


Happy trading !!