Workshop Agenda

Day 1 topics

1. Why price action based trading & Structural pivots
2. Identifying trends based on structural pivots method(SPM)
3. System building process – Intraday/Positional price action concept with possible set of entry/exit rules.
4. How i turned 3L to 18.37L(as of Feb 28, 2020) in intraday – a whopping 512% in 1 year and how am gonna turn 18.37L to 1 crore in the next several months.

Intraday option trades Excel sheet with tradebook can be found here –>

Intraday options trading account – Performance report

5. Most valuable practical tips and tricks (Intraday) – to maximize returns
6. Backtesting a system – how to start, what to look for and pitfalls(curve-fitting)
7. How to find if a system has an edge?
8. Exercise (home-work) for participants to create Money management plan based on two model systems backtesting parameters.

Day 2 topics

1. Why Money management(MM) and various methods of MM
2. Finding optimal risk based on backtesting parameters and how to arrive at exact capital needed per lot.
3. A 30 mins game to signify the importance of MM
4. 2% risk per trade does not work(like the way it is suggested in popular books) and why? Then what to do?
5. If trading system is all we need, why 99% could not trade bigger lot sizes?
6. How to scale up the account size effectively?
7. Creating consistency in trading results by personally-proven behavioral techniques.
8. Part time trading vs Full time trading – Differences and their effect on our P/L
9. Trend following and a real trend trader’s equity curve
10. The surefire steps to blowing out your trading account, and how to avoid them.
11. System 20%, MM 40%, psychology 40% – Why?
12. How to become a champion trader by learning the ‘real’ holy grail of trading.

Important points

1. If you are looking for a holygrail or non-committal to work after workshop, this workshop is not for you. Good amount of process work involved after workshop.

2. If you are looking to become an independent trader with proper price action knowledge, backtesting, Money management and psychological traits(needed for successful trading), then this workshop is for you.

3. Last but not the least – my intention is to make sure that you dont have to attend another workshop/seminar in your trading career after this one. What you gain out of this workshop should be good enough to create a consistently successful trading career.