Intraday Options Trading Account – Phase 1 (3L to 1Cr)

** All good things come to an end – I stopped this live journaling as of 15th Sept 2022 🙂 **

Started trading Nifty/BNF intraday options in a 3 lacs trading account from March 1st 2019

1. Plan is to aggressively compound this account live to build the account from 3 lacs to 1 crore

2. All these option trades are based on the futures price.

3. These are exact option trade entry/exit points according to the contract note from the broker. This is not just gross MTM 🙂 (The broker and govt take their share) – Trades will be updated daily EOD in the journal.

All costs are deducted, and contract note’s net amount payable/receivable is what you see in the ‘P/L in rupee value’ column of the trading journal.

4. Tradebook screenshot (from KITE) is uploaded in the ‘Tradebook’ column – Kindly click the link in the corresponding cell.

5. If there is no trade seen against any particular trading day, then it is a NO TRADE DAY .

6. This trading account will be compounded, and the lot size will be increased accordingly. It is a tiny effort to show how compounding works in real account in real time (with tradebook updates)

7. Plan is to do the following —

3L to 15L –> Options(monthly) buying
15L to 26L –> Options(Weekly) selling
26L to 65L –> Synthetic futures
65L onwards –> Options(weekly) buying

Reached 1cr on Oct 28th 2021 – So, this phase comes to an end.

Click Here to open detailed report in a separate window (Updated daily)

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