Intraday Options Trading Account – Phase 2 (1cr to 5cr)

** All good things come to an end – I stopped this Live journaling as of 15th Sept 2022 🙂 **

Started Intraday Weekly options buying (phase 2) with a trading capital of 1cr from 29th October 2021. Please refer to the below link for Phase 1 of this Intraday options trading account journey (from 3L to 1cr)

Intraday Options Trading Account Details – Phase 1 (3L to 1cr)

1. Account will be compounded live from 1 crore to 5 crores. I will reduce risk/trade in this phase by allocating more money per lot and will not compound as aggressive as Phase 1.

2. All these option trades are based on the futures price.

3. These are the exact option trade entry/exit points according to the contract note from the broker – Trades will be updated daily EOD in the journal.

All costs are deducted, and contract note’s net amount payable/receivable is what you see in the ‘P/L in rupee value’ column of the trading journal.

4. Tradebook screenshot (from KITE) is uploaded in the ‘Tradebook’ column – Kindly click the link in the corresponding cell.

5. If there is no trade seen against any particular trading day, then it is a NO TRADE DAY .

Click Here to open detailed report in a separate window (Updated daily)

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