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Mr Consistant returning icredible returns


I am a systematic trader, trading in the Indian stock markets for the last 16+ years. I have been trading the same positional strategy for the last 13 years. I began trading an intraday variant of the strategy in 2019 and have had an excellent run with it.

Intraday Options Trading

I began my intraday indices options trading in 2019. You can read about the specifics of this intraday options trading account in the following articles.

Check the Live Performance report of the Intraday Options trading account with updated trades in the link below.

Intraday options trading account – Performance Report

If you want to learn more about the entire experiment and what I went through, in a step-by-step manner, I have detailed everything in the post given below.

Intraday Options Trading – Compounding Analysis

Trading Workshops / Webinars

I also conduct workshops and webinars, albeit occasionally, to teach people the art and science of systematic trading, focusing predominantly on psychology, money management, and risk management. I also teach people how to scale their capital in the most mechanical way possible.

Price Action + System Trading Webinar


I have shared a lot of my ideas and thoughts across few interviews in the past. Many people have told me that the content within the interview itself had helped them structure their approach towards trading. Below are some of the most viewed interviews and Q&A’s to help you understand my thought process towards trading and the discipline of trading successfully.

  1. Mr. Consistent making incredible returns – Zerodha Q&A
    I have shared a lot of ideas and specifics about my approach towards trading psychology in the comments section of this article.
  2. Staying unfazed by 17 straight losses early on helped this trader find the Holy Grail of trading – Moneycontrol
    This article Q&A came after a string of losses in 2017, after which I rebounded all the while strictly sticking to my process and system.
  3. Hindu Businessline Article appearance

Popular Posts

The core essence of what I teach in my workshops and webinars already exists in the form of my various interviews and my articles across various blogs. So, before you get started trading in the stock market, it would really help you if you went through the content posted on this page. Listed below are some of my most read articles:

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