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Intraday calls service – Performance report for 2019

For further details on the paid service, please email marketswithmadan@gmail.com

January 01st 2019 to January 31st 2019 –-> Points made = -25 and percentage returns = -2.5%


February 01st 2019 to February 28th 2019 –-> Points made = -9 and percentage returns = -0.9%


March 01st 2019 to March 31st 2019 –> Points made = 266 and percentage returns = 26.6%


April 01st 2019 to April 30th 2019 –> Points made = 44 and percentage returns = 4.4%


May 01st 2019 to May 31st 2019 –> Points made = 38 and percentage returns = 3.8%


Intraday options trading account – Performance report

Started trading Nifty intraday options in a 3 lacs trading account from March 1st 2019

1. All these option trades are based on the intraday futures calls(paid) given in the telegram channel – I take the trades i give and not with single digit lots !!

2. These are exact option trade entry/exit points (monthly expiry contracts..i dont trade weekly) according to the contract note from the broker. This is not just MTM 🙂 (The broker and govt take their share) – Trades will be updated daily EOD

All costs are deducted and contract note’s net amount payable/receivable is what you see in the ‘P/L in rupee value’ column of the excel sheet.

3. Tradebook screenshot (from NEST terminal) is uploaded in the ‘Tradebook’ column – Kindly click the link in the corresponding cell.

4. This trading account will be compounded and lot size will be increased accordingly. It is a tiny effort to show how compounding works in real account in real time – not just in excel sheet 🙂

5. For further details on the paid service, please email marketswithmadan@gmail.com

Am as curious as you to see how things will unfold in the coming months/quarters !!

Click Here to open 2019 detailed report in a separate window (Updated daily)

Price action based trading + System trading Workshop


As many of you know, i have been trading just the price (a.k.a naked trading) for the last 13 years and was receiving requests to take classes/workshop on how I do price action trading in a mechanical way(absolutely no discretion involved). Heeding to the popular request, I have decided to share the knowledge to people who are interested to learn. My goal is not only to teach you naked (no indicators) price action based trading for both positional and intraday trading but also about how to consistently make money in the markets – the A to Z of trading

Summary of Workshop details

In the first part of the Workshop, I will talk about the basic concepts in Price action based trading and combine advanced knowledge/experience to make the concept an actionable trading strategy that can be used immediately. Many of the price action based strategies are discretionary in nature but as am a rule based trader, I will be teaching you a simple rule-based concept (for both positional and intra) that can be used as a basic building block to trade any asset class including stocks, options and futures.

In the second part of the workshop, I will round out the course by teaching you how to backtest a strategy effectively (to understand its efficacy in real trading), build a money management plan based on the backtesting parameters (why 2% blanket risk per trade does not suit everyone) and Risk management plan along with trading psychology that is required to make money from the markets consistently. I will also help you learn about building a successful trading plan, whether you are a part-time trader or full-time trader.

On the whole, this one day workshop would be a complete package with a discussion about the price action trading concept i trade and implementing the method in practical real-time trading with heavy focus on psychology and Money management.

Who can attend

1. Anyone who wants to learn rule based (mechanical) price action concept for both positional and intraday trading
2. Traders with little experience but do not make money (Only lose money)
3. Traders who make money but not consistently
4. Traders who make money consistently but cannot scale up in trading size

Who should not attend

1. Individuals that do not have a ‘self starter’ mentality (This workshop is designed to provide you with concept/tools that will help you in becoming a successful trader. Implementing this knowledge will be down to you. There will be no ‘spoon feeding’. This workshop will get you started in the right direction)
2. Individual who think by attending this workshop, they will become rich quickly.
3. Individuals who fear work. Attending the workshop is the EASY part. There is actually lot of work ‘after’ the workshop.

Morning Session Topics – the trading strategy

1. Why price action based trading? – They say ‘Price is the king and it precedes everything’. Is it really true?
2. Market structure – Basics
3. Rallies and declines
4. Details of structural pivot high/lows – how to mark them mechanically (to avoid subjectivity)
5. Trends – what constitutes the trend
6. Analyzing trends based on price action structural pivots
7. Positional price action concept with multiple set of mechanical (rule-based) entry/exit rules. Participants can choose the best set of rules based on their psychological comfort level – some are comfortable with profit booking(targets) and some are comfortable with trailing stoploss.
8. Intraday price action concept with multiple set of mechanical (rule-based) exit/entry rules. Participants can choose the best set of rules based on their psychological comfort level
9. Useful price action tips and tricks to extract more juice from the markets

Afternoon Session Topics – executing the strategy to trade profitably (albeit consistently)

1. What is an ‘edge’ in a system? How to quantify an ‘edge’? Do I really have an edge in my system?
2. How to efficiently backtest a strategy – what to look for and pitfalls?
3. How to evaluate backtesting results to find the optimal risk to be taken per trade?
4. Why taking 2% risk per trade will not work for everyone (like the way it is suggested in popular books)?
4. Money management in trading – how to tailor made money management based on the backtested results?
5. Trading journal and its importance
6. The real holy grail of trading – Execution
7. Part time trading vs Full time trading – Differences and their effect on our P/L

8. Role of psychology in trading – will be covering the below mentioned points in psychology
a) How to create a consistent equity curve so you can get off the roller-coaster ride and sleep at night.
b) How to dramatically ‘level up’ your consistency and escape the ‘Sneaky Mental Trap’ that sabotages your profitability when things get ‘too good’
c) The little-understood way to handle fear that separates successful traders from those who are doomed to fail (Finally, operate at your true potential!)
d) How to become a better trader by becoming a better version of yourself (and why market conditions have very little to do with your results)
e) How to know if your mind is tricking you into taking lame trades with low profit potential and holding you back from the results you truly desire

Capital required (approximate)

1 lac/ lot for Intraday futures trading
2 lacs/lot for Positional futures trading (this can change based on the price of the instrument you are trading)

Fees, timings and location

Fees : Rs. 13000/person (Inclusive of Morning Tea/Snacks, Lunch (Veg & Non- Veg buffet), Evening Tea/Snacks)
Timings : 9 AM – 6 PM

Bangalore date and location:

Date: June 15, 2019 (Saturday)
Location: Citrus Hotel at Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

Chennai date and location:

Date: July 13, 2019 (Saturday)
Location: Quality Inn Airport, Meenambakkam, Chennai


Contact details

If you want to be part of the workshop and need further details on payment, please email marketswithmadan@gmail.com or Whatsapp 96770 36689

Participants feedback of Workshops

June 15 2019 Bangalore workshop feedback from the participants

May 11 2019 Mumbai workshop feedback from the participants

Jan 05 2019 Chennai workshop feedback from the participants

October 13 2018 Hyderabad workshop Feedback from the participants

October 6 2018 Pune workshop feedback from the participants

September 29 2018 Mumbai workshop feedback from the participants

August 18 2018 Chennai workshop feedback from the participants

Additional Perks of attending the workshop

1. Telegram support group for the attendees (1 month duration) to clear out workshop related doubts.
2. My favorite e-books on Money Management

Happy trading and looking forward to meeting you in-person !!

Trading Q&A Audio/Video 1

Audio/Video response to the tweet posted on April 26th 2018

Here is the A/V link: