Price Action Based + System Trading Webinar


As many of you know, I have been trading just the price (aka price action trading) for the last 14+ years. During this lockdown I have been getting requests from all over the globe for conducting online webinar on how I trade price action mechanically (absolutely no discretion involved). » More »

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Intraday compounding experiment analysis


In the years 2007 & 2008, I was a premium video subscriber of John Carter’s (Author of ‘Mastering the trade’ book) website. I had seen him taking a $10,000 account to $100,000 in 1 year and that was the first time I ever saw someone doing compounding in a trading account live. It brought a major impact on me as it acted as a great inspiration for me to think beyond what I thought was possible. Many of us think that compounding word does not apply to trading and it is an ‘investing’ term. Far from the truth, ? Any financial account should be exposed to compounding !! » More »

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Synthetic Futures Episode

Synthetic Futures episode – 26th May 2019 to 19th June 2020

1. Went from 26L to 33 in 1 month,
Winrate = 50%,
RR = 2.52,
Option points made = 369
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Options Selling Episode

Options Selling Episode – 17th Jan 2020 to 21st May 2020

1. Went from 15.5L to 26L in 4 months,
     Winrate = 51%,
     RR = 2.13 ,
     Option points made = 626 » More »

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Options Buying Episode

Options buying episode – March 2019 to Jan 16th 2020

1. Went from 3L to 15.5L in 10.5 months,
Winrate = 43%,
Reward:Risk(RR) = 2.25 ,
Option points made = 836 » More »

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Before Beginning The Experiment

Thought process before the start of the experiment

1. Nobody has done this kind of experiment in India before and started with a 3 lacs account as an average trading account size in India is 3 lacs. » More »

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Intraday Options Trading Account – Performance report

Started trading Nifty intraday options in a 3 lacs trading account from March 1st 2019

1. Plan is to aggressively compound this account live to build the account from 3 lacs to 1 crore » More »

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One Day Webinar Agenda

Morning Session topics

1. Why price action based trading & Structural pivots
2. Identifying trends based on structural pivots method(SPM)
3. System building process – Intraday/Positional price action concept with possible set of entry/exit rules. Participants have to frame buy/sell rules around it based on their psychological comfort level. » More »

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Backtesting An Idea/System

Backtesting is a topic that always attracts one set of traders and despised by the others 🙂 The topic is pretty vast and this blogpost is just a basic primer on Backtesting. It is gonna be a long one but i believe, it will be worth your time 🙂 » More »

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Procrastination And Ways To Overcome It

I always wondered why traders never get to the point of creating a solid trading plan/system and the reasons behind this phenomenon.

I love writing articles about trading psychology and this topic made me come out of hibernation. This blogpost is a small attempt to see the probable reasons behind procrastinating in formulating a system – from a psychological perspective.

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